Friday, October 15, 2010

The Former Fiance

The Former Fiance (Signet Regency Romance) Teresa DesJardien
Regency Romance

"The peculiar appearance of a vengeful half-dressed Lady Madeline was in keeping was in keeping with the bizarre conversation he'd had with Carmichael."

Lady Madeline Dalton needs to hide from a man who thinks she is his fiance and refuses to believe that she has turned him down repeatedly. Desperate, Madeline turns to Robinson Hollister, a man who specializes in helping people out of uncomfortable situations. However, Robinson just happens to be a man who once tried to court her and the brother of the man Madeline was once engaged to. Despite their bitterness towards each other, they set off on an adventure to evade her stalker and keep Madeline safe.

Review: This book seemed to have a lot of action to it. As they travel from one plan to another in order to avoid the unwanted pursuer, they come to understand each other better than before, as well as understand things that had gone awry in their past. A little cliche, but the rest of the book makes up for it. This one will keep you guessing as to how it will all work out. I really enjoyed the character development of Robinson as the story unfolds. I really feel like he was the main character more than Madeline. Definitely a keeper.

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