Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Miss Grantham's One True Sin

Miss Grantham's One True Sin (Zebra Regency Romance)Melynda Beth Skinner
Book two of the Ophelia trilogy.
The Blue Devil, Miss Grantham's One True Sin, Lord Logic and the Wedding Wish
Regency Romance

"...she found him singing in the fountain ... loudly accompanied by a couple of dear friends from the village, Whosits and What's-His-Name, and a duck, who was there to keep them all on key."

With the help of her new friend, Ophelia Robertson, the proper Miss Marianna Grantham sets out to make a deal with the impoverished Truesdale Sinclair to pretend to be her betrothed for a few weeks. At the end of which, he'll walk away with a jar full of jewels, and she will walk away with her parents momentarily appeased and a chance to find a titled gentleman to wed for real. Truesdale, however, left with many debts by his late brother, can't afford to let her go and intends to seduce her into agreeing to a real marriage.

My Thoughts: I truly enjoyed this book. As it says, this is the second of the Ophelia Robertson trilogy. Ophelia is a lively, slightly eccentric old lady who seems to delight in match making. Since one of my goals in life is to become just such a crazy old lady, this character appeals to me. As for the main character, I felt that Marianna was written very well. Her prejudices and points of view are understandably difficult to overcome. Truesdale is a quirky character who has his own path of self-understanding as well as falling in love. Unlike many cookie-cutter novels, this one really shows both characters growing as they fall in love. Overall, a delightful read, almost as good as the first one and much better than the third.

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