Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Abducted Bride

The Abducted Bride (Signet Regency Romance)Dorothy Mack
Regency Romance

"What a very wifely occupation to be sure, my dear Desiree , rifling through your husband's pockets."

Amy Cole doesn't know what to think when a stranger shows up, calling her Desiree and convinced she is his runaway wife. Things get decidedly worse when then man, Sir Jason Archer, kidnaps her and brings her back to his estate. Jason refuses to listen to her protests so she resigns herself to bide her time until she can escape. Much to her surprise, she feels bad for Jason and what his wife did to him. She never thought she'd find herself interested in a married man! Jason, hurt by his wife is unsure of what to do with her now that he's captured her again. Especially since she is acting out of character and perhaps making him fall in love all over again.

My Opinion: This is a pretty good book. Misunderstanding are a staple in Regency books. I enjoyed the interaction between Jason and Amy. Their romance is truly enjoyable and flows naturally. However, it does seem to get a little slow at times, especially about 2/3 of the way through. A little anti-climactic in my opinion, but still a good read.

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