Monday, October 4, 2010

The Blue Devil

The Blue Devil (Zebra Regency Romance)Melynda Beth Skinner
Book One in the Ophelia trilogy
The Blue Devil, Miss Grantham's One True Sin, Lord Logic and the Wedding Wish
Regency Romance

"But God, it seemed, was in a perverse mood that day."

Kathryn St David is looking forward to a season, sponsored by her Great-Aunt Ophelia. What she doesn't expect is to arrive in the middle of a masked ball in her honor. Nor to meet a handsome rogue by the name of Nigel Moorhaven, Marquis of Blackshire. However, she doesn't have time to worry about it when it is discovered that her Great-Aunt's diary has gone missing in the school belonging to her arch-rival. Kathryn, rather than turning to her heels, decides to go undercover at the school and try to steal the diary back. What she doesn't count on, is the fact that Blackshire is also conducting covert investigations at the school as well - for a French spy.

My Opinion: This is by far the best book in this series and a delightful read. Looking younger than my age, I totally commiserate with the heroine being able to pass as a teenager when she's in her early twenties. She is witty and fun while Blackshire is cunning and convincing. I enjoy getting to know the backgrounds of the characters and it doesn't disappoint. They fall in love quite naturally. The author's use of word play makes it really fun to read and to laugh out loud.

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