Friday, October 8, 2010

The Christmas Wish

The Christmas Wish (Zebra Regency Romance)Debbie Raleigh
Book One of The Devilish Dandy Trilogy
The Christmas Wish, The Valentine Wish, The Wedding Wish
Regency Romance

“’You realize, Watts, that I never should have gotten out of my bed yesterday.’ ‘Yes, miss. A most unfortunate occurrence.’”

Lord Chance, the Flawless Earl, is tired of pulling his brother out of money trouble, but when his brother steals the family jewels and then loses them, Lord Chance has no choice but to try to recover the missing diamonds. Not able to do it alone, he turns to Sarah Cresswell, daughter of the infamous jewel thief the Devilish Dandy. Sarah, trying to live a quiet, proper life, reluctantly agrees to help find the missing jewels. Sarah did not plan on falling in love with the man in the process – for where could love find a place with such a mismatched pair?
My Opinion: This is a fun book, though a bit predictable. I must say that the whole mystery of the missing diamonds was pretty easy to figure out for me, but the rest of the book was still fun. I enjoy the character of the Devilish Dandy very much as the famous thief who, while not reformed per se, regrets the resultant effects on his daughters. The adventures of Sarah and Lord Chance, while not the most exciting ever, are interesting and follow a good romantic thread. I must say, there are some pretty good kissing scenes in this one – not gross, but very engrossing. I get caught up in the emotions of the main characters. Good read.

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