Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Diamond in the Rough

A Diamond in the Rough (Signet Regency Romance)Andrea Pickens
Regency Romance

“If he is a stickler for propriety, it is not out of principle but because he lacks the imagination to act in any other way.”

Viscount Marquand hates the scandal and unpredictability that has been brought upon his family by his father’s gambling.  But when his father gambles his fortune and his family home Marquand is furious.  The bet was not over cards, however, but for a round of golf.  Marquand, having never heard of the game, decides to try to learn the game before the match so as to win back the home he loves.  Miss Derrien Edwards loves golf.  She loves to play it and more importantly, is friends with Mr Philp, the local game master.  When Philp asks for her help as a disguised caddie in teaching an English lord the game, she agrees, though not without reservations.

My Opinion:  I enjoyed this book a lot.  I’ll be the first to admit that my golfing experience is limited to mini-golf courses.  Despite the focus on training for the golf round, it is not overbearing to the story.  I enjoyed the play with words in this book.  Also, I enjoyed the fun play between Marquand and caddie Derry verses Marquand and Miss Edwards.  There is a good plot line and side stories that really fill out the story.  Altogether a good read.  

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