Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Diamond Key

The Diamond Key (Signet Regency Romance)Barbara Metzger
Regency Romance

“An overdressed, under-chinned man ran up to them.”

Lady Victoria Keyes has always had plenty of suitors and never accepted one of them.  That is, until she gets caught in a burning building.  She vows that if she is rescued, she’ll marry her rescuer and settle down into a proper life.  Wynn, Viscount Ingall was banished from Society six years ago and has only now returned to England.  He never suspected that in saving a young woman’s life that she’d propose to him!  Surely women had caused enough problems in his life and he was certainly no prize either.  But somehow, he cannot put Lady Torrie from his mind.

My Opinion:  I thoroughly enjoy this one.  I love Torrie’s impetuosity and the way she thinks.  It reminds me of myself once upon a time.  Situation after situation arise in almost a comedic farce or series of unfortunate events that make you laugh at the situations they find themselves in.  Wynn is a strong character with a good moral code and a good sense of humor.  I enjoy the word usage and they word play that the author uses.  Definitely a good read.

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