Friday, October 29, 2010


EnchantmentOrson Scott Card
Fantasy Romance
Time Travel Romance

"Her smile could freeze steam."

As a child, Ivan left Russia to move to America, but not before found the strange clearing in the woods near his cousin's home.  It was a peculiar clearing.  Perfectly round, with the sun shining down, but nothing grew there.  Just a huge pile of dead leaves.  He had stared at it until a breeze had shifted the leaves and revealed that there was something there, in the middle of the clearing.  It was a woman.  Was she asleep?  Was she dead?  And why was she laying on what was seen to be a pedestal in the middle of a deep chasm that surrounded her in the middle of the woods?  Many years later, Ivan returns to Russia and is determined to make his mind realize that it was all his imagination.  But what happens when it isn't make-believe?  What happens when he realizes he's found his very own Sleeping Beauty in the middle of the Ukranian forest?

My Opinion:  I really like this book.  You do not usually expect romance from Orson Scott Card, but it works.  You definitely have to be into history, specifically Russian history and mythology.  Not a lot – but at least be interested in it enough to read about it, because you’ll be thrown into the middle of several myths.  Very enjoyable read with comparing cultures – Russian/American, Jewish/Christian, modern/ancient, etc.  The witchcraft and sorcery, though very present, is not one that will leave you feeling like you just read a wiccan rulebook.  The characters are very believable and endearing.  I love reading this book and getting caught up in myths and stories and falling in love.  Definitely a good read and a nice romance, though admittedly there is a little more history and adventure in it than just falling in love.   

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  1. Oh, how fun! This is one of my all-time favorite books! I'm glad you enjoyed it.



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