Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Love Match

Love Match (Zebra Regency Romance)Maggie MacKeever
Regency Romance

"Definitely, Sir Charles disliked father-daughter talks."

Newlyweds Elizabeth and Justin are surprised to find two unwanted houseguests along on their honeymoon - his cousin and his previous wife! Elizabeth is bewildered that no only would her new husband mind the intrusion, but would end up not asserting his "husbandly rights" at all. When she encounters a rogue who is more than happy to pay her the attention her husband is reluctant to, perhaps it's time to show her husband what he's missing.

My Opinion: I really enjoy romance novels where the couple is already married. They have so much more potential for fun situations - and less opportunity for backing out. I simply love how innocent and green Elizabeth is. Her journey of self-discovery is enjoyable as well as her anger for the understandably uncomfortable situation she has been placed into on their honeymoon. Justin, though a bit male-centric, is a truly enjoyable character. The various side characters, including the cousin, the ex-wife, the best friend and add all the more to this comedic farce. Definitely a good read.

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