Friday, October 15, 2010

New Moon

New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2) [Paperback]Stephenie Meyer
Book Two of Twilight Series
Paranormal Romance
Contemporary Romance
Young Adult Romance

“Sometimes kismet happens.”

After a disastrous party on her birthday, Edward decides that perhaps they would be better off apart.  Bella is devastated.  Bella, devastated, soon discovers a new friendship with Jacob Black.  Jacob is fun, sunny and doesn’t mind her sometimes zombie-like behavior.  But Jacob has a secret too.  A secret that could hurt Bella as much as Edward’s desertion. 

My Opinion:  I go back and forth, but this is one of my favorite books in this series.  I love the author’s use of page spacing to prove her points and add emphasis within the story.  Bella’s utter despair at Edward leaving is surprisingly believable.  Her growing relationship with Jacob grows naturally and gives a real sense of hesitation and longing.  I feel this book was well written and suspense-filled for anyone – whether Team Edward or Team Jacob.  Again, a little bit of stretching of the imagination is required to believe all the myth-changing that takes place in the book, but just pretend it works and go with it.  Unlike the first one, I felt this one ended as more of a cliff-hanger.  Definitely a good sequel.  

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