Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Wedding Clause

The Wedding ClauseDebbie Raleigh
Regency Romance

“You are rather clutch-fisted with your smiles, my love.”

Molly Conwell and Viscount Woodhart have never gotten along since the day she went to work as companion for his grandmother.  But now, Lady Woodhart has passed away leaving an unusual stipulation in her will.  A sum of 30 thousand pounds will be awarded to Miss Conwell and Lord Woodhart on Christmas Day upon their marriage.  If only one shows up at the chapel, they get the whole of the fortune.  Since they cannot imagine actually marrying each other, both must try to convince the other to not show up and give up the money. 

My Opinion:  I think this is a delightful read.  I love the play between the two main characters.  The ways they devise to try to get the other to cry off always make me laugh.  The romance and situations are believable and leave you feeling good.  Good side characters really make up the plot and story and fill in the gaps.  I would recommend this to anyone with a little sense of humor.

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