Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Eclipse (The Twilight Saga) (Paperback)Stephenie Meyer
Book Three of Twilight Series
Paranormal Romance
Contemporary Romance
Young Adult Romance

"None of those freaky Virgos here."

The Cullens are back and Bella is with Edward again.  Everything should be perfect, right?  Except the fact that Jacob refuses to talk to her.  That Edward refuses to let her see him.  That the Vultori have plans to come visit and make sure she is a vampire - an action that Edward is still hesitant about.  Oh, and Victoria is still trying to avenge James' death with Bella's.  All this makes for a very busy last semester of High School.

My Opinion:  You'd think that Bella had already made her decision between Edward and Jacob.  The first time I read this one, I got slightly annoyed, but upon further reflection, I like it more and more.  I enjoy the play between Edward and Jacob in their "fight" over Bella.  The various tactics and animosities make it interesting.  There is a good amount of action in this one, though I feel the author starts down a slippery slope of wanting to tell more background, stories and myth rather than keeping up with an exciting plot.  Definitely worth the read.


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  1. Hi there, I wanted to stop by and thank you for following my blog. I see you like Fantasy Romance, have you ever read Nora Roberts Books? I love the stories she has written, especially when there are ghosts and the supernatural,but not to scary and very intriguing and romantic at the same time.

    Your inspiring me to write book reviews on all that I have read.

    Thanks again.



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