Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Improper Governess

The Improper Governess (Zebra Regency Romance)Carola Dunn
Regency Romance

"Ashe decided on the spot that this was the point in a relatively law-abiding life when he and the law parted company."

Lord Ashe is interested in Lissa Findlay for one reason - the same as most gentlemen who see her sing on stage. Lissa Findlay wants Lord Ashe for one reason - to see if she can trick him into giving her a free meal and perhaps leftovers to take home to her brothers. However, after Lord Ashe falls into her plans, he can't seem to forget her or the plight of her family. When his sister loses yet another governess an unusual plan forms in his head. But can they manage to pull it off - to pass an opera singer as a governess? Just as important, can he make himself forget the reason he was interested in Miss Findlay in the first place?

My Opinion: I really enjoy this one. Lissa is a great character with realistic reactions and reasonings. Lord Ashe is also a fun character, creative and kind. Not so much kissing and more story. The young boys in the book are a really great addition to the storyline. Very enjoyable book.

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