Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Ruby Ghost

The Ruby Ghost (Signet Regency Romance)June Calvin
Book 2 of Silverthorne Series
My Lady Ghost, The Ruby Ghost
Regency Romance
Ghost Story

"Roisterer?  Rake?  Villain?  Monster?  Come, come.  Let us have the truth with no bark on it."

Penelope Jones doesn't believe in ghosts.  All she wants is a governess position that will last for several years and the Silverthorne's are offering a great position.  However, their cousin, James Betterton has other ideas.  He believes she might be the key to banishing the ghosts that haunt his cousin's home.  But convincing Penelope that he has no dishonorable intentions toward her may prove difficult.  Almost as difficult as convincing her that ghosts really exist and that she must come help.

My Opinion: I knew when reading this that there was a previous book, but it's okay.  I still liked it, even standing on its own.  I enjoy ghost stories so long as I don't get scared.  The story is intriguing, both the story of the ghosts and the story of the live-action characters.  There are some good plot twists.  On the romance end, there are some really enjoyable scenes.  Good story, all in all.


  1. I love ghost stories - there is always a lesson to be be learned.

  2. I like to read ghost stories. A favorite is the Cantebury Ghost.



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