Friday, November 26, 2010

Touched By Time

Touched By Time (Zebra Regency Romance)Leanne Shawler
Regency Romance, Time Travel Romance

"Until this moment, she'd never understood whey the girls in the horror-schlock films didn't run to safety.  She did now.  Too much curiosity for their own good."

Jane Leighton, newest guest of the Chadwick Bed and Breakfast, needs a break from her ex-boyfriends and life in general.  What she doesn't need is a ghost haunting her room.  Certainly not one who is too cute for his own good and too sad for her to ignore.  Ramsay Chadwick however, thinks he's seeing a ghost in his room as well.  A lovely young woman who for once doesn't seem to be afraid of him.  But he has bigger things to worry about - like his fiance and his best friend flirting with each other just weeks before the wedding.  That is, until his ghost suddenly becomes real, and comes with news that he and his fiance are going to die before their wedding day.

My Opinion:  Truly a fun read.  Anyone who has read many regency romances, tend to think about how they would react in such situations.  With this book, you really get the feel of a modern woman's approach to regency events.  Jane, though not your classic heroine, is a relate-able character and is able to say some of the things that I often say in my head to regency characters.  Chadwick is also a fun character.  His feelings and reactions are very real.  I love the conversations that these two have as well and the mystery of figuring out what happens to Chadwick in the past.  Good read.


  1. I've never been much for modern romances, since I prefer Regencies when reading for fun--but I'll give this one a try since your description has piqued my interest in their conversations and reactions.

  2. Thanks for the great review! I'm here from the book blog hop - hope you'll visit me!

  3. I have decided I love the premise of this book. Thank you for sharing about it, I have not heard this title before and sometimes you just want to taste a fun romance with a little time traveling going on :)



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