Friday, December 17, 2010

Truly Yours

Truly Yours (Signet Eclipse)Barbara Metzger
Book 1 of True Love Series
Regency Romance

"And that was why people lied."

Like all the men in his family, Rex, Viscount Rexford, can tell when someone is lying.  In his case, he sees colors.  Such has been a blessing and a curse for him in his family and military career.  Now he's home from the war and intent on moping.  But when his father asks him to help out a woman who is accused of murdering her step-father, he finds that he must make a trip to London.  Amanda Carville, for her part, has been thrown into prison for a murder she did not commit.  Not that anyone believed her.  Can she trust this Viscount Rexford to help her?  Does she have a choice?

My Opinion:  Finally - I read the first book in this series.  I must say, it was pretty good.  A little dicey when it comes to cleanliness, but I'd still say it stays in line - barely.  Amanda is a good character who has some real depth to her.  Rexford really develops and changes through the story.  Good side characters, with a good introduction to the heroes of the other two books.  Some good twists and a well thought out plot though it could have done slightly better in my opinion.  My favorite is still the second in the series, but hey, that's okay.


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