Friday, December 17, 2010

A Twist of Fate

A Twist of Fate (Signet Regency Romance)Susannah Carleton
Spin-off from A Scandalous Journey (book 1 of The Six series)
Regency Romance

"He didn't doubt that he was destined to love her, but that did not necessarily mean that he would find her easy to live with."

While lost in a snow storm, Lord David Winterbrooke encounters Madeline Graves stuck on the side of the road.  Like all the men in his family, he falls instantly in love.  Madline - or Lynn - is not so convinced.  She has had bad experiences with men - her father and her late husband.  But, he helped her out of the ditch and seems to be a gentleman, so she offers him a place to stay.  When the storm continues, they are forced to spend more time together.  Lord David is happy to have time to get to know the woman he has fallen instantly in love with and is determined to show that she can love him too.

My Opinion:  To be honest, this one lacked a little something....I think it was mostly plot.  I really liked the characters.  Lynn is a good character, though a little prone to the same fears and maladies over and over and over with very little growth.  David is a strong character and seems to embody everything a woman could want.  It's a fun read - something to curl up by a fire with and not have to think too much about.  But there is very little in the way of surprises or twists in this story.  I'd recommend it, but it's not a favorite.

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