Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When I Fall In Love

When I Fall in LoveLynn Kurland
Book 19 of 22 (so far) in romance series
Time Travel Romance
Medieval Romance

"Well, the historians hadn't exaggerated his handsomeness, at least."

Jennifer McKinnon's family is no stranger to time-travel, but Jennifer does not expect the same luck that came to her sisters to be her lot as well.  So when she takes some much needed vacation to see her sister's castle in London, she doesn't expect to end up meeting the original owners!  Jennifer finds herself stuck in a time where men were knights, castles were a reality and time-travelers would be considered a witch - or a faery.  Nicholas de Piaget is done with his grandmother's schemes to marry him off and has no time for a woman from the future, as she must be.  Despite which, he finds that he cannot but hope that he might be able to convince her to stay.

My Opinion:  Like always, I started in the middle of a series.  There are actually two main series here that seems to interconnect with some of their characters.  So this is #4 in the de Piaget, #10 in McLeod and #19 overall - I think.  Despite that, it was pretty easy to follow.  Though, this one was a bit slow.  There was a bit too much concentration on how attractive they thought each other and how they are in love but unsure of each other and the situation.  Not enough action or plot twists for my tastes.  I expect more, especially from medieval books.  It was still good - don't get me wrong.  All the side characters were wonderful, especially Nicholas's brothers.  Good read, but not the best ever.

Note:  Here is the author's webpage that lists the "reading orders" for her books.  I think if you go with the romances in order, that might get you through them all in some kind of sense, but since I haven't read them all, I'm not sure.


  1. I have never read a medieval romance novel, so this one sure sounds different. I have read lots of romance novels over the years though, and I started with all the Barbara Cartland books at the age of 9:)

    Thank you for participating in the Book Lover’s Blog Hop @ Story Time Under the Stars and Frugality Is Free. I hope you will link up a book review and participate in this week’s Book Lover’s Blog Hop as well.

  2. I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone.



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