Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Wicked Ways of a True Hero

The Wicked Ways of a True HeroBarbara Metzger
Book 3 of True Love Series
Truly Yours, The Scandalous Life of a True Lady, The Wicked Ways of a True Hero
Regency Romance

"Some women might find them appealing.  Some women kept pet pigs, too."

Daniel Stamfield enjoys being a bachelor on the town.  He also has a unique family ability - the ability to know when someone is lying.  So the prospect of escorting his younger sister on her first season sounds like double torture.  Actually it's triple torture, since his mother may also be looking out for a new husband and they brought along his mother's goddaughter, Corie Abbott.  To add to his misery, Daniel knows more about Corie's past than most - most importantly than she is not the pure young lady she is pretending to be.  But how can he reconcile the brazen woman he believes her to be with the woman he finds himself thinking about more and more.  Perhaps he wasn't as sure of the truth as he thought.

My Opinion:  As the second of this series that I have read, I must say I was still surprised that it stayed appropriate.  I will admit that there is one scene, while very little happens, I wouldn't let my 14-year-old daughter read (that is, if I had one).  Anyway, I would still call it clean.  I would also consider it a very good book.  Not quite as good and book 2 in the series, but still very enjoyable.  Daniel is a wonderful reforming rake who is finally having his responsibilities thrust upon him.  Corie is a strong young woman, but desperate to fulfill her plans.  It felt a little Shakespearean in that there were so many couples - but that just makes it better in my opinion.  I would definitely recommend this book and I personally can't wait to finally read book one in this series.


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