Monday, January 31, 2011

The Christmas Charm

The Christmas Charm (Zebra Regency Romance)Lynn Collum
Book 1 Addington Trilogy
The Christmas Charm, The Valentine Charm, The Wedding Charm
Regency Romance

"'Women are the most nonsensical creatures' the gentleman muttered..."

Having arrived penniless in England, Adriana Addington intends to resign herself to being a companion to her godmother.  Her godmother, however, has different plans and arranges to throw Adriana together with her bookish grandson - Viscount Borland - commissioning him to bring Adriana up to Scotland with him.  Borland suspects his grandmother's meddling and resents it.  He is fine being a bachelor for life, thank you very much.  However, as the journey continues, he may find that his grandmother might not have been wrong afterall.

My Opinion: I was a little disappointed with this book.  I had expected a bit more.  I enjoyed the intereactions between the main characters, but they seemed to be lacking depth.  There seems to be an attempt to include too much side story and not enough focus on the relationship between the main two who are supposed to be falling in love.  The swiftness of the conclusion seems to leave some loose ends in my mind.  I would read the other ones in the series, but I'm not too sure I'd read this one again.


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