Monday, January 24, 2011

The Nobody

The Nobody (Signet Regency Romance)Diane Farr
Regency Romance

"The term 'lovesick' took on a new meaning for Caitlin - as near as she could tell, what she was experiencing had all the symptoms of malaria!"

Though not expecting to make a match, Caitlin expected to enjoy her London season.  The rules of polite society, however, we a bit stifling - especially when you simply have to escape the scathing tongue of Lady Elizabeth.  But when Caitlin dares to walk home - alone! - she is accosted by a man who sweeps her into his arms and kisses her!  He apologizes and lets her on her way, but Caitlin can't seem to shake him from her mind.  When she discovers his identity it is even harder still, especially when the man in question is even better in the daylight (except for his deplorable taste in fiancees).   But fate pulls them together and Lord Kilverton discovers he might have made a mistake after all.

My Opinion: What really makes this book great is all the characters and the details the author uses in every scene.  It's not a lot of filler with a few good scenes - the whole book flows nicely and really gets you caught up in the emotions of everyone.  I found this book very exciting from start to finish.  The lively plot keeps you on your toes and makes you constantly on your toes.  The variety of distinct characters play off each other and complete the story.  Great read - hard to put down.


  1. What a neat site!

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  2. Thanks for your review. I'm with you. Graphic fornication scenes don't equate romance in my book. Beautiful blog!



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