Thursday, February 24, 2011

Call Me Mrs Miracle

Call Me Mrs. MiracleDebbie Macomber
Contemporary Romance

"Magical because of a silly plate of sugar cookies."

Jake Finley hasn't celebrated Christmas in over twenty years, though as the heir to one of the biggest department stores in New York, he's surrounded by it every year.  True, the sales numbers are more important than the actual holiday but he doesn't have the time for that.  Especially this year since he has two weeks to sell five hundred high end toys - a real miracle in this economy.  Holly Larson needs a miracle too - a miracle for her nephew Gabe.  Gabe, living with her since his father was called to Afghanistan is not exactly thrilled to be living with his aunt.  Holly really needs help this season to make it special for Gabe, and herself.  Emily Merkle, aka Mrs Miracle, has her work cut out for her when it comes to matchmaking this season.

My Opinion:  This book really felt like a gift of Christmas cheer.  It was a perfect little miracle book.  I have no doubts why they made it into a movie. I really love Holly's character - how she realistically deals with her nephew, her boss and a new love interest.  Jake is a great character trying to step out from his father's shadow.  I could have done with a little more adversity or problems, but for a Christmas book, you can't really expect that.  It was perfect for what it was.  I love happy endings and I love Christmas.  Great book - a must read to get you into the Christmas spirit - anytime of year.



  1. It's interesting seeing another view of the book, haha. Did you find it to be a quick read as well?

    (Have you seen the film? I haven't, but I love Jewel Staite, and I bet she was brilliant.)

  2. :D Yes, it was a quick read, but then again, I find that to be true of all her books. I have not seen the film, but I think I'd like it. It's such a cute story.

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  6. Debbie is such a talented writer. I'm sure to love this book!



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