Monday, February 21, 2011

Gift From The Heart

Gift from the Heart (Sisters & Brides Series #2) (Love Inspired #307)Irene Hannon
Book 2 of the Sisters & Brides Series
Christian Romance
Contemporary Romance

"And in his heart he had a feeling that Clare was the answer to his prayer."

Clare Randall is struggling - emotionally and financially.  So when her great-aunt leaves her a legacy in the 6-digits, how can she refuse the minor stipulation?  However, the stipulation requires her to be a nanny for an 11-year-old girl who has recently lost her mother and is now living with her father for the first time in years.  How hard can it be - it's only for six months.  Adam Wright is at his wits end trying to connect with his daughter.  The hostile environment leaves him with no more ideas.  When he prays for help, he didn't expect it in the form of a stranger offering to be a free nanny.  But perhaps she might be what his daughter needs.  And perhaps Adam and Clare can help heal the pain in each other's heart before it's too late.

My Opinion:  This was a depressing book.  I understand that people have to go through some very hard times, and that it takes time to heal from them.  I also understand that a romance novel generally doesn't keep this much depressing emotional baggage through the entire book.  I seriously was almost crying reading this book.  Which goes to show that it is well written, but I felt like it dragged on for too long without any other action.  It was also a little preachy to me, but that just comes with Christian romances.  Overall a pretty good book, but not my favorite.  Bring a box of tissues if you're emotional like me.



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  2. Oh my, it sounds like I would be crying through this one too.

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  3. I'm reading your reviews and find you to be fair and articulate. Nice job. Nice blog.
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