Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mistaken Kiss

Mistaken Kiss (Zebra Regency Romance)Kathleen Baldwin
Book 2 of Lady Alameda Series
Lady Fiasco, Mistaken Kiss, Cut From the Same Cloth
Regency Romance

"Since Adam met Eve, males have been doing things they wouldn't otherwise do, just so they can stare at a pretty face."

Willa Linnet is determined to kiss her brother's best friend before considering his proposal of marriage.  Finding him lying in his orchard seems like the perfect opportunity.  And the kiss?  It's perfect....except it's not Sir Daniel she is kissing.  Rather it is his "scapegrace" brother Alex and now she can't get him out of her thoughts.  Perhaps her Aunt Honore's unexpected invitation to go to London might be a good idea after all.  At least she would be able to run across the handsome Alex a few more times before she retires to spinsterhood.  But Aunt Honore has other plans in mind - plans she fully intends to implement.

My Opinion:  I love these "Aunt Honore" books and this one does not fail.  Willa and Alex are delightful characters with great chemistry.  I love how they seem to not realize as they fall deeper and deeper in love.  It's actually one of the more believable versions of this scenario and thus it is delightful.  Lady Alameda (or Aunt Honore) is a great character with her schemes and matchmaking.  She is a great character through all three books and makes life so much more fun for the other characters.  I really enjoyed this sweet story and the wonderful characters.  As a note, the side character Alfreda is wonderful.



  1. Love the quote you picked out! Sounds like a sweet story. I'm visiting from the Wednesday Window.

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    I am now following you from the blog hop winter friends wed.
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  3. Hi!
    I loved your review! Thank you so much. I'm delighted you enjoyed Aunt Honore's antics. I had fun writing her. She's loosely patterned after my own very mischievous aunt.

    May I quote you? I will gladly attribute and link to your site.



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