Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ready for Romance

Ready For Marriage (Harlequin Romance)Debbie Macomber
Contemporary Romance

"One thing was abundantly clear.  Damien hadn't hired her because of her high test scores at business college."

At fourteen, Jessica Kellerman was infatuated with her neighbor - Evan Dryden - and everyone knew it.  Her parents, his parents, Evan and Evan's brother, Damien.  It's been eight years now, and such feelings have long since past - not that anyone seems to believe her.  When she applied for a job at the Dryden firm, Damien sees this as a great opportunity to try to bring his brother out of the doldrums of his unsuccessful relationship.  But then, Jessica and Damien find that perhaps they have her paired up with the wrong Dryden brother.

My Opinion: Ok, again I read this one in one sitting.  I found this story simply delightful.  The characters and story are believable, though I found the age difference a little weird.  Though I found Jessica to be a little lacking in spine but I can understand her various predicaments.  Damien and Evan are both great characters with good hearts.  I was delighted that Jessica came up with the same solution that I had thought for her much earlier on in the book.  Good book all in all.

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