Friday, February 18, 2011

Ride the Dappled Mare

Ride the Dappled Mare: A Civil War Romantic NovelJoan Elizabeth Moody Baker
Historical Romance

"He had been duped and disarmed.  He chalked up one for the South."

War is about to be declared between the states and the Selassie sisters must face a changing world for the South.  York Selassie finds herself intrigued by an Englishman who gets a price on his head.  Can she really be falling for a man who is so different from herself?  With the war raging all around her, York must decide how she can survive these troubled times.  For York and Tray, the question turns to how can they keep their relationship, and themselves, alive during a war that lasts so many years.

My Opinion: I must say that reading this book felt like a mix between a summarized history lesson and a middle-school novel.  Half of the book it seemed was a dry resuscitation of facts - I am supposing used to try to make time go by over the five or six years of the book.  When it did get to real plot it was stinted and very superficial.  I have no idea at what point anyone falls in love, but apparently they do.  The plot gets dragged on and on when really it should have been the part that was summarized.  The only good parts were the conversations between York and her sister Victoria - but there were only two or three of them in the whole book.  All in all, avoid this book.

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