Monday, February 28, 2011

The Wagered Heart

The Wagered Heart (Signet Regency Romance)Rhonda Woodward
Book 1 of Series
The Wagered Heart, Midnight and Mischief, Lady Emma's Dilemma
Regency Romance

"This is a much more fitting revenge than boiling him in oil."

Miss Julia Allard is in London for the first time!  It's fun!  It's exilerating!  It's ruined!  While innocently shopping with her aunt and cousin she is accosted and kissed on a public street!  Sent home to live down the scandal, Julia has done nothing but live with the consequences of that scoundrel's behavior.  When she suddenly runs into the rake, the Duke of Kelbourne, he has the audacity to brush it off with a casual apology.  Well, Julia has a plan to make him see just how much he hurt her.  But will it backfire?

My Opinion:  I though this was a good book, but a little slow.  It takes a long time to really get going and only achieves a really good tempo at the very end.  The characters are good though with great side support.  Kelbourne is a very regal character - you really think of his as a duke - and has a natural pompousness and arrogance that is for some reason quite believable.  Julia is full of pent up fury though in my opinion she puts too much blame of Kelbourne and doesn't take quite enough responsibility for her own actions.  It was a good book and the ending is great.



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