Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Worthy Wife

Barbara Metzger
Regency Romance

"Well, I pray one of the pups can talk like Frederick.  Maybe it'll tell me what I did to deserve this."

Aurora Halle McPhee is ecstatic that a man as dashing as Harland Podell had asked her to marry him.  But the fairytale wedding gets interrupted when a man arrives, claiming that Podell is already married to his sister.  Aurora cannot believe that fate had paid such a cruel trick on her.  When the man, Kenyon Warriner, Earl of Windham, offers to marry her instead, Aurora gets swept along and finds herself married to a virtual stranger.  But what happens now that Aurora and Windham are married and must make a life out of Podell's mistake?

My Opinion:  I felt that this book was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.  I can relate well to Aurora in the way she reacts to her situations.  The author is very good at playing with the words and phrases to create a fun symmetry in her writing.  The side characters, though fun and often whimsical, are not overly deep.  Much like a Shakespearean play, they are what they are and often get what they deserve.

A Worthy Wife

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