Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kissing Kelli

Kissing KelliKathy Carmichael
Book 2 in Texas Two-Step Series
Chasing Charlie, Kissing Kelli
Contemporary Romance

"Either that or her deviled egg recipe contained pheromones."

Bobby Gray needs some space from his fuming brother since he made a business decision without him.  When a new friend Leah asks him to be her escort to a family party, he jumps at the chance.  But when he's there, he finds himself interested not in Leah, but in her older sister Kelli.  But Kelli doesn't seem to want anything to do with him.  Kelli has sworn off men - at least men who have previously dated her sister.  Leah has accused her of stealing one too many times.  But Bobby Gray won't take a hint.  When she finds him at virtually every turn, she starts to wonder just how long her resolve will last.

My Opinion: I thought this was a cute book.  The characters, although not terribly deep, are good and fun.  You can't get too complicated in shorter books, so I thought it was good for it's length.  I thought that Kelli and Bobby Gray interacted well with each other.  They are adorable together and are a good match for the other.  Though their falling in love is kinda quick, it's very sweet.  The lengths Bobby Gray is willing to go is really kind of silly, but it's still romantic.  There are some very fun playing with words the author uses to manipulate the story and add wit.  Overall, good book and I'd recommend it.  (Note, Book 1 Chasing Charlie is a physical print book while this one is an e-book).



  1. I like that a lot ! Clean romance book review. I congratulate you !
    You are my kind of girl :)
    Say hello and follow back :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following back. I also like clean romance and look forward to reading more of your reviews.




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