Monday, March 21, 2011

Labor of Love

Labor of Love (Signet Regency Romance)Jenna Mindel
Regency Romance

"And then she realized that things had just gotten considerably worse."

Olivia, widowed Lady Beresford, is on her way back to her aunt's home to deliver her baby.  She sees little harm in taking a slight trip to appease her younger sister and see the home of a rumored murderer.  But when an accident leaves them stranded at said murderer's house for the rest of her term, Olivia is determined to discover if he is really guilty or not.  Meanwhile, Richard, Lord Sheldrake, has no idea what to do with the beautiful Lady Beresford in his home for the next several weeks.  She is determined to find out what happened, but can he trust her with the truth?

My Opinion:  This book is unique to regencies considering that the heroine is pregnant through the story - eight months pregnant!  However, I find that this is a delightful story with great characters.  Lord Sheldrake is my favorite character.  He has the best depth and growth in my opinion.  Olivia is a fun character though.  This is a great book to read when you yourself are pregnant - it's always good to remember that men can still find us desirable when we feel like a beached whale.  The side characters are just that - side characters.  Most things focus on Olivia and Sheldrake.  This is a good book with good twists and a sweet story.

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