Friday, March 4, 2011

Mine is the Night

Mine Is the Night: A NovelLiz Curtis Higgs
Book 2 of Series
Here Burns My Candle, Mine is the Night
Historical Romance
Christian Romance

"Had someone sold tickets, he'd have made a handsome profit."

Widowed and labeled an enemy of the crown, Elizabeth Kerr travels with her mother-in-law to her small hometown.  With no money, the two live as a poor relation to a spinster cousin who doesn't have much of her own.  Struggling to make survive, they also have to combat their past in order to be accepted and avoid dragoons who are always on the hunt for Jacobites.  But what happens when love comes into the picture for these three women?  What forces must they overcome to be safe and with the ones they love?

My Opinion: This was a long book that felt longer.  The characters were nice and the author obviously did a lot of research to write this book which is always nice.  And the story goes along alright, though a bit slow.  You don't even meet "the guy" for almost 200 pages.  The biggest problem I had though was that they characters had no character development.  Every time a problem arose or trial was present, they simply said "Have faith and leave it to God's will".  Now, this is a great sentiment to live with and I have nothing wrong with people or characters having faith, but it makes for a poor novel when the characters don't show a struggle.  There was little struggling to have faith, or deal with problems, or devise a plan to achieve their ends, or inner turmoil - or anything!  Though it wasn't a bad book, it did get a bit annoying and dry.

I received a free copy of this book for review. No other compensation was offered. The summary and opinion is completely my own.


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