Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Nanny and the CEO

The Nanny and the CEORebecca Winters
Contemporary Romance

"I never thought Mary Poppins would actually pop inside the limo."

Reece Chamberlain needs a summer job or she will have to go back home to Nebraska.  Just in time, she is hired to be a nanny for a new baby.  The baby is adorable....and so is his father.  But Reece promised herself long ago to not waiver in her career goals - no matter the temptation.  Nick Wainwright is tired of the lack of warmth in his blue-blood family.  Now that he is both a widower and a new father, he is determined to make a change.  This means being a real father to his son.  But without a wife, he needs a nanny.  He just didn't know just how much of a difference it would make.  And perhaps he will see just what his life could be like.

My Opinion: This was a great story of going after what you want, despite the hardships that might get in the way.  Nick is a wonderful character who is struggling to be the father he never had.  His growth as a person is great and he is a sweet character.  Reece's struggle with her feelings are natural and realistic.  She is a very career-driven person and seems in my mind to be a mix of the "uber-women's lib" and a fabulous mother.  She seems a bit too perfect in that way, but that's okay.  It was a sweet story.

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