Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting to Third Date

Kelly McClymer
Contemporary Romance
Young Adult

"One, dating in college is just like dating in high school, with the exception that there are no parents to lie to or evade after an unfortunate curfew lapse."

Katelyn should be enjoying her first year at college and all the fun that comes with it.  Instead, she has been convinced to write a relationship advice column for the college paper.  Not out of love for writing it, but rather as a consequence of the serious crush she has on the editor.  Who happens to be infatuated with her roommmate.  The real problem, however, comes when the campus gets upset at her harsh advice to not give anyone a real chance.  When it comes out that she's never been on a third date (having eliminated everyone as potential boyfriends by date two).  Tyler, editor-in-chief, comes up with the plan to have her document going back and giving three old dates a new chance.  But will it work, or was Katelyn right all along?

My Opinion:  I thought this book was hilarious and a great read.  The first-person perspective is well written with a great grasp of an eighteen-year-old's mind.  Katelyn is a very logical character with good morals and a healthy fear of a broken heart - which she sometimes confuses.  Her frankness and sarcasm had me laughing the whole time.  Good side characters who really  made you feel like you were back in the dorms at college again.  Sweet story too.  Tyler is a fun character and I enjoyed watching him through Katelyn's eyes.  I'd highly suggest this book, and not just to young adults!


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