Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sucker For a Hot Rod

Sucker for a Hot RodJoselyn Vaughn
Contemporary Romance

"When we was working on the Datsun she could have ridden out of the driveway on the back of a Harley, clutching a man who personified the name Bubba and Dad wouldn't have noticed."

Judi needs a reliable car to get her to her new job in her new town.  Her current Datsun doesn't fit that description, but it's her link to her late father and she can't give it up.  But it seems like she's having more problems with the thirty-year-old car than ever.  When she's sent to the local tractor repair shop, she's unsure and even more unsettled by the man who comes to check out her car - but this time in a good way.  Bryce has enough on his plate trying to please his parents and reluctantly work at his father's shop without a reminder of the nice cars he wished he worked on.  But he couldn't leave Judi in a bind, so he agrees to help her.  But he doesn't realize is how many times he'd be called for her car, or how much he'd enjoy being her knight in shining armor.

My Opinion: This book was pretty good.  It was a really sweet story with good interaction with the main characters.  The side characters - the "Ladies Night Out" women are exactly the kind of funny old ladies I hope to be one day.  I really enjoyed the interaction between Bryce as his father as well.  It was a great relationship that grew and changed through the book.  Bryce was interesting in his relationship with Judi - not always consistent and there wasn't enough of a back and forth to me, but they were cute and falling in love, so how can I really complain?  I'd recommend this book, even if you can't tell a hot rod from a VW Rabbit (which category I just barely don't fit!)

I was given a a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and opinion are 100% my own.


  1. Great review! Sounds like a fabulous read...

  2. it does sound like a pretty good read

  3. First time I've been to your blog. Joselyn recommended it. Nice to have one that only does sweet romances. I loved this book and how Bryce has to stand up to his father. In so many romances, they only focus on the heroine and not the hero. Any chance you would enjoy a mystery?

  4. I love mysteries, but since the blog is a romance blog, for me to review it, it would have to have a strong romance subplot. If not, I do have some fellow blogging friends that might be interested. Email me!

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