Saturday, May 14, 2011

Millionaire Dad, Nanny Needed

Millionaire Dad, Nanny Needed!Susan Meier
Contemporary Romance
Book 6 of The Wedding Planners

"I've had my fling with a playboy."

The Wedding Belles need money, even if they don't all know it.  Audra, as accountant, is the only one, but not for long.  Struggling with what to do, she ends up turning to her mom for advice.  But on her way into the mansion where her mother is housekeeper.  It is there that she runs into Dominic, her childhood crush, and finds him similarly at a loss for a solution.  Dominic needs help taking care of his newly orphaned nephew.  Seeing an opportunity, he offers Audra an exorbitant amount to help. Audra accepts - after all, she's already been burned by a man of his ilk.  Her heart will be safe, right?

My Opinion: This was a fun, sweet story though a bit tried and true with the storyline.  Audra is a quiet, and works as the accountant for the Wedding Belles - who star in the other 5 books.  She is practical and logical almost to a fault.  But she's magically good with kids and has a 20-year-old crush that doesn't take much to rekindle.  Dominic was the better character in my opinion.  He was so realistic with the many many problems that faced him.  They fall in love convincingly and have real problems and issues.  Sweet love story.

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