Monday, May 23, 2011

The Rancher's Bride

The Rancher's Bride : 9 Months Later (Harlequin Superromance No. 1179)Barbara McMahon
Contemporary Romance

"But I'm not looking for some fairy-tale marriage where everyone loves everyone else."

Jake won't let his ornery grandmother win.  According to her will, the family ranch will only pass to him if he has married and produced a legitimate child within a year.  Nevermind that he already has a grown son.  At his wits end, he decides to marry a virtual stranger.  Anything to keep the farm.  Brianna needs to slow down her life and is ready for marriage and children.  She had a crush on Jake once upon a time....could they really make a marriage work?  And what about his son who isn't that much younger than her?  Will this be a cold business deal, or can they somehow manage to make a family?

My Opinion: This is a great read about love and marriage.  You get a two-for-one deal too since there are really two love stories - Brianna and Jake as well as Shell and Loni.  The characters were all very strong and interact well with each other.  The range of personalities and dynamics really show you so many different sides of the story and the family that you really get drawn in.  The author does a good job of convincingly bringing a situation usually used in historical books - "mail-order bride" - into a contemporary setting.  Although a little steamier than many books I review (with a lot of bedroom scenes not described), this one is still a good clean read.


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