Friday, June 24, 2011

Keeping Her Guilty Secret

Anna James
Contemporary Romance

"But, to give Reed credit, she sounded incredibly sexy."

Max is tired of being away from family, deciding to finally come home.  But when he gets to his brother's company he finds an unexpected surprise in the form of Nicole.  Nicole is sexy, charming and everything a man could ask for.  But is she real or is she just pretending?  Nicole has been taking care of her sisters for years.  But when the past sneaks up on her, will she be able to keep it hidden or will the truth come out.  And if it does, will she lose the ones she loves?

My Opinion:  This is a fun, light and quick read you'll enjoy.  There are a few twists and turns to keep it interesting. Nicole is a bit headstrong and takes on a serious role as provider.  Max is less developed, but definitely fills the role of knight in shining armor.  Nicole and Max are good together and have a sweet story.  Though the writing was a little dry at some points, the plot never stalls out and the pace is pretty good. Side characters are light, but good.  Great for a quick read!


  1. Perfect beach book - sounds like. Thanks for the review.

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