Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cinder and Ella

Melissa Lemon
Fantasy Romance
Young Adult Romance  

"Crickets could not save her if danger found her, and she would have preferred silence."

Everything you've heard about the story of Cinderella is wrong.  There was no fairy godmother, no pumpkin-turned-carriages, a glass slipper or even step-sisters.  The real story involves two girls - Cinder and Ella.  After their father disappears they are left to take care of their mother and spoiled sisters.  Cinder gets a position at the castle - one which gets her the attention of the handsome prince.  Ella leaves to find peace somewhere other than home.  But the prince is not what he seems and soon Ella is looking for more than just peace - she needs a way to keep everyone she loves safe.  Does that include the bumbling knight intent on saving her?

My Opinion: Keeping in a fairy-tale narrative voice the story remained true to its perspective throughout.  This story started off as an interesting twist on a classic fairy tale.  However it soon diverged so much from the original story that I couldn't even see any correlations by the end.  It took off in a whole other direction, seemingly to half-borrow from other fairy tales and mythology but really making things up. With little explanation and consistency I felt like I learned more about how far she walked each day than what the story was really about.  Cinder was a good character and Tanner was very sweet and fun.  Ella was a little morose for me.  The whole idea of the king and prince got into some analogies with Christianity (at least I thought so) that although good, seemed out of place.  There were a few parts with great adventure or romance that were worth reading though.

I was given an advance reader version of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.  This book comes out for sale on Nov 8, 2011.

Cinder and Ella

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