Monday, July 25, 2011

What's Your Favorite Plot Scenario?

Recently Top Dating Sites published an article entitled "10 Unrealistic but Common Romance Novel Storylines".  I've often thought that there are usually only so many scenarios or storylines that most romance novels fit into.  And though I enjoyed their list, I felt like it was very focused on contemporary romance and didn't span out into other genres like historical, paranormal, fantasy or anything else.  It also got me thinking - what are some of my favorite plot scenarios?  So, here are my thoughts.  And please don't take this as me not liking other plots (as you can see with my reviews, I end up liking the majority of romance books I read no matter what the scenario is).  Now, here are my thoughts:

Contemporary:  I really enjoy the ones where young kids play the matchmakers.  They get so cute and quirky.  I also enjoy plots that center around the main guy or girl moving to a new town and submerged into a new culture or just small town life in general.

Historical:  I really enjoy them when they involve spies of some kind.  Either a main character is a spy, or is trying to find a spy.  Suspicion and suspense are always fun - the war between love of a person and loyalty to country.  I also enjoy time travel ones - there is so much potential to play with.

Paranormal: I actually really enjoy ghost stories.  Whether they are main or side characters, I just think they're awesome.

Young Adult:  I like them a lot when they are also paranormal.  There is something about a teenager that just isn't hard enough (lol) that you have to thrown in dealing with or falling in love with someone who is just not quite human.

Cross-Genre:  I think one of my absolute favorite plot scenarios is anything that involves Christmas.  It's the best time of the year and it just makes everything better!  Whether it's a countdown to the big day, struggling to believe, being thrown together in a winter snowstorm or houseparty - it's all good.

So, what's your favorite romance plot scenarios to read?  Why do you like them?  I'd love to hear from you and what your thoughts are.


  1. I love romance plots when the female is strong enough to hold her own and doesn't have to change or give up who she is in order to 'get the guy'. And I'm totally with you on the Christmas plots. Nothing makes winter better than love.

  2. Thanks for commenting. I love to hear about everyone's preferences and likes. And yes, Christmas books rock. :)



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