Monday, August 1, 2011

New Sponsors!!

Hello everyone!  In case you haven't noticed I have two new sponsors!!  Check them out on the top right of the sidebar.  I am so excited about this and wanted to tell you a little bit about these wonderful authors.

The first is Bonnie Blythe.  She has written 7 clean Christian romance novels that have won many awards.  Her titles include: Milagro for Miranda, Claire's No-So-Gothic Romance, How Sweet It Is, Restorations, Texas Whirlwind, Dearly Loved and Melody's Knight.  They are all available in print and e-book versions!  They all sound wonderful!  Click on her link to check out all of her books available on Amazon.

The second is GG Vandagriff.  She has written three clean romance novels and a few books in other genres.  Her clean romances are: The Last Waltz, a historical novel that takes places in Austria between 1923-1938.  Next is Foggy With a Chance of Murder, a contemporary romantic mystery.  And lastly is her newest novel, The Only Way to Paradise, a chick-lit romance about 4 women who travel to Italy to discover answers and romance.  Click on her link and check out her site and all of her books!

I'd like to thank them both for being my wonderful sponsors!  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, send me an email!  It's only $5 a month!

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