Thursday, September 29, 2011

What are YOU Reading? Thursday

Well, it's Thursday again and thanks to Rachel Rossano, we have another great reader review.

Title: Seeking Persephone
Author: Sarah M. Eden
Genre: Regency
Format: Print

Was this book recommended to you?  If so, by whom?  If not, why did you pick it?
I discovered Sarah M. Eden by accident on Amazon years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed every one of her books. I read them over and over.

Plot Summary
Persephone is basically bought as a bride by the Duke of Kielder. She marries him willingly for the sake of her destitute family. She wishes for more and sets about trying to win her distant and prickly husband's heart. Adam Kielder is accustomed to people leaving him. His mother left emotionally and physically repeatedly throughout his childhood. He is actually quite good at driving them away. Once married, he steels his heart for Persephone to leave too. However, he soon realizes he wants, needs, her to stay. He sets about discovering how he can entice her to stay forever.

Rachel's Opinion

"I enjoyed the references to the myth of Persephone. Eden wove them through the story seamlessly. I also appreciated the depth of character development and exploration.  Adam was a great character to explore. Strong (yet vulnerable), proud, honorable, and known to purposefully intimidate anyone who annoys him, he is a great mix of attributes, a joy to explore.  I am a soft touch for scarred heroes and the women who open their hearts despite their defenses. This novel portrays the process beautifully."

Thank you so much for this great review, Rachel.  It sounds wonderful.

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