Thursday, October 20, 2011

What are YOU Reading? Thursday

Well, it's Thursday once again - time flies!!  Today's reader review is brought to us by Natalie Ross.

Title: To Finish The Dance
Author: Serena Casey
Genre: Contemporary
Format: E-Book

Was this book recommended to you?  If so, by whom?  If not, why did you pick it?
Yes it was, by the author.

Plot Summary
It's a story of lost love found again after 2 decades. The two main characters have never forgotten each other. The male character has been dumped by his current girlfriend because she knows he's still in love with the with this lost love, so she tells him he needs to go find her and gain closure, if nothing else. He thinks it's crazy but decides to go for it. They both battle with past demons that resurface, as well as other relationship issues and problems. And when they finally meet again and spend just a little bit of time together, they realize the passion and love is as strong as ever. When they are with each other, they feel as young as when they first fell in love. Finally, they conquer problems and push past fears and doubts, to unite as one in marriage.

Natalie's Opinion
I truly enjoyed it. Serena captures both characters emotions and thoughts very well. It's very descriptive and you truly feel how they feel. There was one part in the story where I found it hard to read, but it's because it's was simply too intense and close to home for me, not because of the way it was written or anything else against the author. I don't think this story could have been written any better! I've read my share of books, so I know when one isn't written well and when one has been written well. This book DEFINITELY fits into the category of books that have been written well and I will be buying it and reading it again!

Thanks Natalie, sounds like a good book.

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  1. This was a nice review and makes me more determined to move the book onto my TBR pile.

    Thanks for posting.



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