Thursday, October 27, 2011

What are YOU Reading? Thursday

This week's reader review is brought to us by Valerie Steimle.

Title: Identity
Author: Betsy Love
Genre: Christian, Contemporary
Format: Print

Was this book recommended to you?  If so, by whom?  If not, why did you pick it?
Yes, it was recommended by the author, Betsy Love.

Plot Summary
Two girls having the same identity in looks get on a plane returning from Mexico.  The plane goes down and one survives, the other one doesn't. The one who survies has amnesia and does not know who she is.

Valerie's Opinion
A very interesting situation and wonderful reading.  The story take lots of twits and turns as well as having a satisfying ending.

Thank you Valerie, this sounds like an intriguing book.  Please visit her site at: 

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