Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ushers, Inc

Rusty Fischer
Paranormal Romance
Young Adult Romance

"Ah, he does care if I get torn limb from limb by a blood-crazed werewolf. How sweet!"

Abby was just your average teenager...well, almost.  Living in an orphanage with her three best friends, one of whom she's had a crush on for years, makes life interesting. So does monsters attacking you at the lame movie theater you all work for.  But when the chance comes to use all their knowledge from hours and hours of bad horror movies against real live monsters, how can they refuse?  And just what are they getting themselves into? Will Abby ever catch Zach's attention amid all the chaos?  Or will they die fighting before they have a chance for a first kiss?

My Opinion: This was a surprisingly good book.  I'll admit that I was slightly lost at first as to why there were so many monsters roaming around and why people considered it completely normal, but you get over it.  Abby is a great character, quirky, brave and head-over-heels in love.  Zach is a good character too and their chemistry is fun, cheesy and will make you smile.  The relaxed first-person narrative really sucks you into Abby's world, even without a lot of depth to the plotline.  All in all, there is a lot in it about zombies, werewolves and vampires.  It almost feels like a B-rate movie in itself, which is always fun and lighthearted. Definitely worth some good laughs and smiles.

I was given a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.

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