Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Crown of Anavrea

Rachel Rossano
Fantasy Romance
Medieval Romance
Book 1 of Theodoric Saga

"It was difficult to stare down a man when one had to glare up to meet his eye."

Labren has been on the run for years.  When he is wounded, left for dead, he almost wishes for such an end.  But being rescued by the beautiful Eve changes things.  She saves his life, and in return he offers to free her from slavery - through marriage.  Though unsure of how to provide for her, he is drawn to return her kindness.  But soon he may find himself drawn to do more than that.  Eve is unsure if she can trust this stranger - but surely he must be better than her abusive master.  Can she trust him to help her?  And what will he want in return?

My Opinion:  This was an interesting read, full of twist and turns.  However, with the quick plot changes I felt a bit lost at times.  The author created a fantasy world, though without magic and wizards, that resembles medieval times, but with new places and people so that I felt like I was thrown into a new world that should make sense but didn't quite.  The story of Labren and Eve itself was cute and sweet.  I loved their romance and falling in love. It was everything else that seemed to distract rather than to build up the story.  The side characters were well written and I enjoyed the interactions everyone had.  I enjoyed the human aspect of this book, but the background information didn't pull me into the new world.  I would have enjoyed more build up, but for a quick read it was fun and I would assume that more information may come in the next book of the saga.

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.


  1. Sounds like an interesting read!

  2. I have always liked to read medievel romances and this sounds like an interesting plot.



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