Friday, February 17, 2012


Michelle Erickson
Fantasy Romance

"The Priest waited until the door banged shut and he turned to Klaus, his thin lips pinched together as if he had eaten something as vile as he acted."

In the forest of Everaude, immortals live and play with little concern for the humans in the village of Kringle.  Eralee doesn't fit in with her immortal peers, proving this once again when she doesn't kill the human who invades their forest.  Instead she is intrigued by him, determined to become closer to him.  Eralee has no desire to marry Tymmer, her fiance, but rather finds herself drawn to the human named Klaus.  But what does she know about caring for a human?  Klaus is amazed that someone like Eralee wanted anything to do with a poor outcast like him.  But he wants to find a way for them to be together.  But the truth of his past comes as a surprise to them both, and with the interference of the winter witch, they may find it harder than ever to find a way to be together.  Can love overcome all obstacles, or are there some things that simply cannot be spanned by desires of the heart?

My Opinion: This was an interesting book, full of a new mythical world of fairies, elves, river lords, witches and more.  It felt like a magical world that really could have created Santa from it's depths.  Of course, there were times it got a little cheesy fitting in all the various components of the Santa stories, but in general it worked.  Eralee and Klaus were both good characters as were the many, many side characters.  The romance was quick and underlined the rest of the storyline which made it more of an eternal love story - something I hope Santa really has with his wife...:)  The plot did seems to slow down in order to describe people, places or things in an abundance, then speed up with sudden plot twists.  This made it a long read, but still a fun twist of Christmas stories.

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.

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