Friday, March 16, 2012

Meet Love Story Reviews

Introducing a new romance review blog you might be interested in.......

First of all, I want to thank Jennifer for being gracious enough to allow me to post on this beautiful site. I’m Lovestorycritic1 and I have a site about all types of love stories in the world of entertainment: from films to novels to songs.

My mission is to share my love of love story with others and to create a community where they can belong.
I want this my to be as interactive as possible. You can agree with me or argue with me about reviews.
The goal is to foster a whole community of love story fans where we could share our favorite love stories with one another and hopefully learn and grow in our outlooks from the experience.

My Mission
When I saw Titanic for the first time a few years ago (yes, I know I was late in watching this masterpiece), I was so inspired by its passionate tale of lost love that I had to write my own love stories. Then, I realized that wasn’t enough. I wanted to share my love of love stories with all other like-minded fans. My mission is to entertain, educate, inform, review and above of, to spread a little happiness to you.

Thank you all and thanks again to Jennifer.

- lovestorycritic1

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