Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Sponsors

Happy April!  Gotta love it when it's Springtime.  Today we start off a new month and thus a new set of wonderful sponsors!  Check them out and have a wonderful month!

First up we have Kristy K. James and her new book Enza. This is a story from five perspectives in a small Michigan town where the unexpected threatens all they hold dear.  

Next is Carol Ann Ernhardt with two of her wonderful books, Trapped and Joshua's Hope.  Both are contemporary, inspirational romances.  I've read one and look forward to reading the other!

Cecelia Gray is next with her new book Fall For You which is a young adult novella and a modern re-telling of Pride and Prejudice.  

Cindy Christiansen is our next sponsor, author of Caskets and Corruption and many other wonderful books.  I've only read one of hers so far, but it was a great read! 

Kelly Nelson comes next with her book, The Keeper's Calling.  This has a great premise of time travel, suspense, and of course, love.  I am looking forward to reading this one soon.

Next up is Veronica Blade and four of her books, including her newest.  Something Witchy This Way Comes is a great young adult paranormal story.  Blind Date Checkmate is a contemporary romance.  A Bite's Tale is another young adult paranormal and a Cinderella re-telling (look for my review this month).  And lastly is From Fame to Shame a contemporary romance I am looking forward to reading this summer.  

Susan Hatler is next with her book Shaken.  The story of a young girl who discovers she has special abilities, and there may be only one boy who can help her figure it out.  I am anxious to read this one too.

Next up is Juli Alexander and her book, Stirring Up Trouble.  This funny young adult paranormal romance will have you laughing and begging for more.

Cornelia Amiri is next with her book, The Prince of Powys, a fabulous medieval romance involving wars, gods and duty.  Look for my review of this one this month.

And finally we have Kay Springsteen and one of her many wonderful books, Elusive Echoes.  This is a contemporary romance you won't want to miss.  

Thanks to all the sponsors this month!  If you would like to be a sponsor, please visit my sponsor page for more information.

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