Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Running Home

Barbara Ellen Brink
Contemporary Romance
Christian Romance

"She didn't know if government protocol prohibited agents from comforting emotional women, but it felt good to have someone strong to lean on, if only for a moment."

Ivy Winter's world is crashing around her.  Not only has her husband run off with another woman - it seems he ran off with state secrets and a large amount of stolen money.  With no one else to look to for clues, the FBI targets Ivy for information on her husband.  Ivy thought moving back to Colorado with her young children would calm things down, but it seems trouble is following her.  Samson Sinclair is a new FBI agent assigned to her, but with his good looks and kindness she finds she may not mind him being around after all.  Samson has strong policies about not falling in love with women who don't believe in God...and who are married.  Ivy is both, but as he gets closer to her and her children, he finds himself wanting to help them in more ways than one.  Can he find a way to keep them safe and restore her faith in men and in God?

My Opinion: This was a well written book with realistic characters and a good plot.  Ivy is a strong woman, struggling with the disaster of her life and her newly realized need for God.  Samson is a wonderful counterpart, the strong and faithful type though not perfect and therefore realistic.  I love their interactions and though their romance isn't too abundant, it is sweet and fun.  Though the timing is a bit fast, the story progresses well.  The religious aspect, though slightly overwhelming, is well written.  Various side characters fill in this world of danger and excitement.  Overall it was a good book with plenty of excitement and a satisfying conclusion.  I'd recommend this one.

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.


  1. ooooh! This one sounds really good. Thanks for reviewing it :)

  2. Thanks for reviewing Running Home!
    Suspense is my favorite genre to write in, but this was my first foray into Christian/suspense. The second book in this two book series, Alias Raven Black, follows one of the characters from Running Home to Minneapolis. If you like this one, I hope you'll give ARB a look. Happy Reading!

  3. Thanks for review on this book.



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