Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Lady By Any Other Name

Jennifer Kitchens
Regency Romance

"Whoever said that things look better in the morning obviously did not live in London."  

Nicole Farrington’s life had never been easy, but it had always been bearable.  At least it had been until now.  Faced with a horrible marriage her step-brother has contracted for her, she will do anything to get away.  She’ll run…run to anyone who might be able to help her.  But running blindly down an unknown path may take her to an unexpected destination.  Julian Huntington, Earl of Foxley, wants nothing more than to have his carefree life back.  Now he is left with a title, a child, and a future that he never expected would be his.  He refuses to believe his brother’s death was an accident, no matter what people say.  Someone killed him and Julian plans to find out who and why.  Maybe then he can go on with his life…his brother’s life.  Will the answers he seeks be enough, or will he find love to be a worthier goal?

My Opinion: Okay, well, today is going to be a little different.  Because if I were to be honest, I would say that this was the most wonderful, exciting, romantic, and simply perfect book ever written. :)  But that would be a little unfair and a lot biased.  Why?  Did you notice the author's name?  Yep, that's ME!  After years of work and my husband's encouragement, I finally finished my first book and it is available.  So while there are a few reviews you can find on Amazon or Goodreads for this title so far, and hopefully more coming, I don't think I can fairly review this myself.  I can, however, recommend it as a clean regency romance that I personally do think you'll enjoy.  :)


  1. Congrats, Jennifer!! And it IS wonderful, because I've read it! If you love regency romance with twists and turns, get A Lady By Any Other Name!

  2. Love the review, especially the biased part of it. That's how I reviewed my own on Goodreads...raved about it, then told anyone who was reading to disregard the gushing because it was the most biased review ever. Congrats. It sounds great. I'll have to put it on my to read list.



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